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*NEW* Scopett (version 2)

The new scopett has and is being totally rewritten from scratch. This is so because the concept of the entire program has change. The idea is to make it simpler and easier to set up. So then what's built in this new version: 1. Built in webserver!, yes no apache nor any webserver is requiered anymore, therefore anyone can use it. / 2.Wizard! So anybody can set it up in less than a minute! / 3. Easy installation! No console required. / 4. Intuitive interface! So everybody can operate it!

Basically you will only need to install it, and start it up, voila! Any user accessing the 8080 port with a web browser will see your desktop.

When is it going to be ready? Scopett V2 development versions will soon be available via CVS just for developers to test. Stable version will be release fortunately before July finishes. If you are ager to try this software you can get the CVS version as soon as it ready, press CVS in the menu for more information. [back to top]


CVS will soon be ready, check back later. If you wish to join this project contact me at elgurudelinux at


After reading about http protocol I started coding what will be the scopett’s webserver, it will be only about 100 lines! I also managed to join files in one executable, therefore make things easier. Check the Changelog to see what I’m doing.

Holidays! That means that I will have loads of time to restart the new Scopett. Plans have started and old code is ready.

Redesigning of Scopett started. The new scopett will be rebuilt from scratch, check the new features to see what is coming.

First release of Scopett-gtk and Scopett-ncurses. Screenshots and download available.

First release of Scopett! Scopett 0.1 console is released. Download available. [back to top]


You can download Scopett HERE. Remember that since Scopett is being redesign vers peion 1.1 is considered obsolete because is different to our current objectives. You can download it for testing but WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Use Console-0.1 which is fast and stable.

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What is Scopett?

Scopett it's an app, which will take screenshots of your desktop every x amount of seconds. This screenshots are updated automatically and are displayed in a website for people to see.

  1. Takes a screenshot every X amount of seconds
  2. Saves the screenshots on a webdirectory
  3. Auto-update index file
  4. Fully configurable
  5. Small executable
  6. Written entirely in c++
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Sreenshots [back to top]

Scopett 0.1- Console: The stable version

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Scopett 1.1- Spanish: Obsolete version, just used for testing

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